Oct 29

Hirobo SDX RC Helicopter review – My Thoughts and Opinion

Hirobo SDX RC Helicopter Hirobo SDX RC Helicopter

First off, let me start with the manual/instructions for putting it together. Simple! Unlike the majority of my other electric RC helicopters, the Hirobo SDX instructions were clear, to the point and even went the extra mile to make sure the steps were numbered to correspond with the bag of parts. Although I have put together a few electric RC helicopters in the past 2 years, I still need clear instructions to follow. I can’t stand the instructions that are in broken English with errors throughout. The Hirobo SDX instructions were a plus for me.

Hirobo SDX RC Helicopter Hirobo SDX RC Helicopter

Putting the Hirobo SDX was very simple to do. Upon opening the box with the Hirobo SDX you will notice a beautiful canopy staring back at you. The sleek design improves the aerodynamics of the bird. Which you will see for yourself once it is in the air. You have the option of building the electric RC helicopter with either a 135 degree or 120 degree swash plate without purchasing anything extra because the parts are included for both options.

Hirobo SDX RC Helicopter Hirobo SDX RC Helicopter

I made a few modifications and tweaks to my Hirobo SDX, but they were not completely necessary. I made them to meet my personal criteria. For example, one change that I made was to the pitch elevator. I decided to put both locations at +30%. The swash mix was modified also, I put it at about 20% so I was able to improve the elevator function on the Hirobo SDX.

Hirobo SDX RC Helicopter Hirobo SDX RC Helicopter Hirobo SDX RC Helicopter

Although, every electric RC helicopter I have ever owned gets modified to meet my needs, I can honestly say this one did not need any drastic changes. I did fly it a few times before making my modifications and it flew very well. I was impressed with the “out of the box” flight and opted for very minimal changes to my Hirobo SDX. In my opinion, even the beginner flyer will be able to fly this electric RC helicopter. Quite a change from most of the other birds that I would not recommend to a beginner.